Saturday, December 10, 2011

The cold weather is here to stay...

On December 6th, I went to Tops to get a few things. At the check out I spotted a penny on the floor. It was kind of beat up, but could see the date is a 1982. Later I will be weighing the 82's to find the ones that have more copper.
December 8th, we went to Walmart as I was walking to the entrance I checked the outside soda machine coin return, in one I saw a quarter, so I grabbed it :-)
December 9th, went to Tops while there got two winning Lottery tickets. I went in the cash them in, while I walked past the Coinstar machine found a coin in the return slot (was a Canadian penny).

  • Journal entry: "2011"

  • change: .27

  • cans/bottles: none

  • December total: .27

  • Running total for each month: $2.96

  • cans/bottles running total: $34.05

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